Lab Coats Manufacturers in India, Hyderabad. Supplier exporters for Laboratories, Hospitals & Medical Students

LC405We are leading suppliers of Lab Coats Manufacturers in India, Hyderabad. which are widely used in Laboratories, Hospitals & Medical Students. provides Lab coats the ultimate in comfort and convenience. All our staff work together under a single goal to bring you the most innovative and high quality Lab Coats. Our target is to make our clients satisfaction with product quality and service.We have eternally tried to innovate in manufacturing techniques and Lab Coats Manufacturing. We are confident in our ability to meet the challenges, the increasingly stringent market demands and regulatory environment that we will face in the future.Our cotton lab coat is made by using high grade cotton and provides total protection to the upper body. We manufacture the “French Terrain” brand of Lab Coats, Aprons & Doctor Coats, in twill weave, gabardine weave, drill weave, oxford weave, canvas weave, ripstop weave, satin weave, herrin bone weave, tusser weave, matty weave, duck weave, plain weave, etc;”